Bike Tech: Getting it Right?

It's a wonderful thing when tech meets street in a good way. As many of you know, Tim and I wear paired Scala G4s on our helmet, and we are able to converse easily about not only road or traffic obstacles, we can organize a large ride over long distances where one of us is lead and the other rides sweep. If someone drops out of the pack and stops, the lead knows immediately. It also helps enormously when one of us conveys a need to stop for any reason. "I gotta pee NOW!"

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Why an "Invite Only" site?

Dry Side Riders, unlike many other forums, is by invitation only. This seems to bother some people until they hear the reason. Most accept it, some don't, but here it is.

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Hell NO, we're not a motorcycle club!

After doing a bit of reading on the subject, I have come to the obvious conclusion that Dry Side Riders is not a motorcycle club. We have none of the structure and behaviors of a real club, and as such, have no intimidation factor with the existing clubs in the area. That's more than fine with me!

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Dry Side Riders wants YOU...

... to write articles!

One of the keys to making a site like this is to have reasons (besides an active forum) for members to come back. There are a few predefined subject areas, like for rides, ride routes, and ride reports, but if you want to review a product, shop, dealer, campground, dust off your keyboard and start to write! Let us know where  you think the article should be placed, and you'll see your name in print!

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